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Who we are?

The Belgian PowerAddicts (PowerAddictsBE), established in August 2018, is the Belgium User Group focused on the Microsoft Power Platform.

Our main goal is the promotion of the Microsoft Power Platform across industries, disciplines and sectors. We intend to be the central meeting point for Microsoft Power Platform enthusiasts in Belgium.

Our target audience is anyone interested in bringing positive change, solving problems and automating processes with the Microsoft Power Platform. Our audience consists of IT professionals, Students, Decision Makers and Business Users.

As the Microsoft Power Platform continuously evolves, we work closely with other User Groups and Associations to cover as many topics as possible. Activities include our PowerTALK! learning and netwerk events, workshops and awareness campaigns.

More about our history and highlights can be found via the History Timeline.


As a vzw we rely on sponsors to receive funds to be able to host our events, but just as important are our volunteers! 

We are like a little company, with all the activities a company has, like:

  • Marketing
  • Sales (sponsors)
  • Financial administration
  • Event planning

We are an enthusiastic bunch and we want to expand our activities to provide the community more knowledge, networking and learning opportunities.
Become a volunteer and help us achieve more for the Belgian Power Platform Community!

Send an e-mail to info@poweraddicts.be and we will have a chat about what activities suits you best.

Generic Information

  • You can consult the make-up of the current board on this page.
  • If you represent a company and you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us at info@poweraddicts.be.
  • If you are an individual interested in our User Group activities, please follow  this link.
  • For general inquiries, please send an e-mail to info@poweraddicts.be.