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PowerTALK! – the next Belgian PowerAddicts meetup – is set to take place in Leuven, Belgium, featuring two fantastic speakers, Feline Parein and Stefan Strube. They will share their view on building consistency through coding guidelines and how to automate self-service user management. This evening is […]
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Have you stumbled upon one of our “PowerTALK!” advertisements and are curious to know what it’s all about? Or, perhaps, one of your colleagues or friends has shared their excitement about attending an engaging and enlightening PowerTALK!, leaving you intrigued and uninformed? Fear not; we will […]
PowerTALK! – the next Belgian PowerAddicts meetup – is set to take place in Ghent, Belgium, featuring four renowned speakers from Italy, The Netherlands and Belgium. Fabio Franzini, Angelo Gulisano, Nathalie Leendes and Frederik Bisback will share their insights on enhancing Power Apps Canvas and data […]

Three Reasons To Participate

We are NOT an ordinary User Group.
We are #PowerAddicts.
We Rise By Uplifting Others.


Driven by love for the life-changing impact the Microsoft Power Platform has on ones personal and professional life.


Incredibly passionate about the knowledge gained through community sharing across industries, disciplines and skills.


An obsessive need to bring positive change and provide sustainable solutions with the Microsoft Power Platform. 

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Frequently asked questions

Who governs the Belgian PowerAddicts User Group?

All User Group activities are governed through the officially registered non-profit organization named ‘Belgian PowerAddicts vzw ‘. We are a 100% community driven initiative. We are not a commercial organization, and we are not affiliated to any commercial entity. You can find background information on the organization in the  About section in the top menu.

For official information you can consult the Belgium Crossroads Bank for Enterprises via this link, using our organization number 0777591095

How do I join the Belgian PowerAddicts User Group?

You can join the User Group by simply clicking the Join Belgian PowerAddicts button. This will take you to our hosted group in the Microsoft Power Platform User Groups area. There you will have the option to join the User Group by simply following the instructions. If you have any questions or remarks, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do you keep your events free of charge?

Apart from the contribution of our Board Members, we rely heavily on our sponsors. Therefore, it is essential to help promote the user group amongst your peers and within your organization. As we gain more visibility, we can offer you more exciting events, workshops and programs. In the future, we will look at the possibility to sell branded merchandise as an extra income measure. Keep in mind that all income increasing measures are to the benefit of the community, as we want to emphasize that we are a non-profit entity.

How do I keep up-to-date with upcoming events?

Upcoming events are announced through our social media channels, user group forum and message boards. Any changes to the schedule and agenda will be notified accordingly. Taking this into account, you can’t miss it!

How is my personal data handled?

We ensure that your personal data is handled with care. You can read more about our Privacy Policy on  this page.