🌞Power Platform BBQ & Networking Event🌞 | 04 September 2024 | Meadow Club, Kontich | More Info Coming Soon!

Join us on our next PowerTALK! This time it is set to take place in Kontich, Belgium, featuring not two fantastic speakers, Marshal Winget and Carmen Ysewijn.

This evening is hosted at and by Qubix and Roboest on Thursday, 16 November 2023, at building Main d’Or, Veldkant 4 in Kontich.

The first session will be held by Marshal Winget, Solution Architect at KPMG. He will talk about Democratizing data with Power Platform & Azure Data Factory:

Good tools makes a skilled craftsman better. In today’s world where availability of data is one of the greatest gifts & companies are increasingly interested on transforming data on insights that can help them become more efficient and productive but what is the impact when it’s transitioning to the cloud? Is it easier to leverage data from on-premise or other disparate data sources?

Microsoft has answered these questions with Azure Data Factory & Power Platform. ADF is a cloud-based service to integrate disparate data sources from across your organization’s landscape. This coupled with Power Platform provides with extensive capabilities to drive insights & increase data literacy.

Key highlights for session,
1) Power Platform & Azure Data Factory in a nut-shell
2) Understanding Linked Services & Runtimes
3) Understanding Integration Datasets
4) Creating Dataflows & Pipelines (part of demo)
5) Leveraging data through PowerApps (part of demo)
6) Summary and Q&A

Note: This will be complete hands-on session with interesting data operations from sources like Parquet/SQL/Data lake –> Dataverse –> Visualize in Power Apps.

After that Carmen Ysewijn, Power Platform Architect at Qubix, will bring the Dynamics and Microsoft 365 together, make a comparison between the capabilities and techniques and provide guidance in picking the best solution for a problem:

When it comes to model-driven apps, there are typically two directions from which you can come at them: the Dynamics side and the Microsoft 365 side. Each of these sides has their own experience and knowledge that they bring to the table, and very little awareness about what possibilities lie on the other side. This leads to inefficient and incomplete solutions that are not future proof.

This session will bring the two sides together, make a comparison between the capabilities and techniques and provide guidance in picking the best solution for a problem. We will cover cloud flows, form scripts, business rules, plug-ins and other solution components for managing business logic. You will walk away knowing the limitations of each, understanding the differences between them, and recognizing when to apply which in a project.

The event focuses on making informed business decisions. PowerTALK! is a must-attend event for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge and skills.

The PowerTALK! will start at 18:00 with a bite to eat and the first session will start at 19:00. Join us at Qubix, building Main d’Or, Veldkant 4 in Kontich. Thanks to Qubix and Roboest for sponsoring the event and making it possible.

See you in Kontich!

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