PowerTALK! | 16 May 2024 in DIEGEM | FREE ticket registration!
Photo by Mark Williams on Unsplash
Photo by Mark Williams on Unsplash

Have you stumbled upon one of our “PowerTALK!” advertisements and are curious to know what it’s all about?

Or, perhaps, one of your colleagues or friends has shared their excitement about attending an engaging and enlightening PowerTALK!, leaving you intrigued and uninformed?

Fear not; we will introduce you to PowerTALK! in this article.

So first of all, Who are we?”

We are Belgian PowerAddicts vzw. A Belgium User Group focused on the Microsoft Power Platform.

Our intentions: To raise public awareness about the capabilities of Microsoft’s Power Platform.

What are we doing for this: Organizing “PowerTALK!” – Events aimed at showcasing the platform’s potential and advantages in helping businesses automate and digitize their operations.

Why should you attend a “PowerTALK!“?

Scenario 1:

You are a Power Platform developer or consultant. So you can expect to receive valuable information to apply to your work. We will give you a glimpse into real-life use cases and knowledge. Enable you to gain practical insights and expand your skill set.

Scenario 2:

You are a curious person without any technical background, a Power Platform fan, a business owner, a decision-maker…  So, you can catch up with new automation technologies and learn how Power Platform applications can help you access and manage your data more efficiently and effortlessly.

In any scenario, attending a PowerTALK! It allows you to expand your network and connect with Power Platform experts and enthusiasts. Afterwards, you can seek advice and support from our community members.

Additionally, by attending our “PowerTALK!”, you become part of our ever-growing community of Power Platform enthusiasts in Belgium, each with the potential to significantly contribute to the Power Platform world. We aim to expand our community with each event and welcome anyone interested in Power Platform to join us.

Attending “PowerTALK!” can be a valuable opportunity to gain knowledge, network, and become part of a community of Power Platform enthusiasts.

So, why wait? Join us and explore the world of Power Platform!